Monday, 27 August 2018

Must To Do List Before Buying a Home

Buying your own house is kind of a big deal for people even today. Even with a lot of loan options available in market, one always stays at the edge when buying a dream home. Many of us make quick and wrong decisions when it comes to getting a property. The mistakes can be short term or long term. Short term includes your transactions with the property developer or the banker and long term may include you making silly mistakes while making the EMI payments. It is really important to understand these aspects before you dive into the property market pool.
If you are in market hunting for a home and do not know where to start, you are at the right place. Today we will cite you the must do list when it comes to buying a home.
  1. Know your credit score
It goes without saying that you will be opting for a loan when you are trying to buy a house and what is the main component when it comes to loan hunting, that’s right! Credit score. A credit score plays an important role when it comes to loan processing. Before you apply for a loan, know your credit score and understand where you stand in front of the home loan lenders.
  1. Start hunting for an ideal lender
There are many options available in market when it comes to home loans. Various banks and non-banking financial companies have different schemes related to home loans. You should know which lender will suit you better. The best suggestion would be to contact your home branch and see if you have any pre-approved loan options. ICICI home loans are the best lenders in the market who have attractive interest rates and less processing fees.
  1. Calculate total cost of the property
You may fall for various offers from the developers and the banks when it comes to buying a house. Many banks may portray that they give up to 95% funding on the house and after you make the 5% you come to know that the 95% funding was on the property price excluding government charges. Before you make the purchase, you should ask for the cost sheet from the developer and confirm what all components are included in the loan so that you do not have any surprises later. It is suggested to do a proper cibil score check to get maximum funding.
  1. Only buy what you are comfortable paying for
Many of us make this mistake. We go for a high value property just because we are eligible of getting the loan amount sanctioned. What about the future? We know nothing what would come across in the future. Before buying the house make a mental estimation stating if this is what you want? And if its worth it in the future to make life simple.

  1. Do a thorough check on the developer
You don’t want to be duped in this property tornado. You must have heard about a lot of examples where the developer has made a fraud and has run away with the money. Always buy property with reputed developers who have well known name in the market so that you minimize your chance o f being duped.
  1. Know the growth of your investment
It’s an amazing feeling of owning a house, but you will have to consider other factors as well when it comes to buying a house. Just make sure the property your buying should give you fruitful returns in the future. The property should be more like an asset rather than a liability.
  1. Pay EMIs on time
Buying a house on EMI is kind of risky, because if you do not pay your EMIs on time you may lose your property to the lender. This will not only affect you mentally but will also hurt your chances of getting a loan in the future.
Do not lose your sight on small mistakes you can commit while purchasing a house. This can cost you in the long home loan run.

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