Friday, 29 June 2018

If I Have Amex Card, Only Then Can I Get Good Credit Score?

Don’t you dream of a premium life? You open any social media these days and out of ten posts you see, five of them will be on premium lifestyle. These lifestyles influence us to work harder and drive as a motivational factor to achieve our peak.
There are many brands in the market which are termed to be premium. Let us take credit cards as an example here and understand how credit card works and does credit card help you achieve a premium lifestyle. You receive at least ten calls per month from various telesales departments offering you various credit cards. Even if you have a couple of them with you, you will seek some more just to have financial backup. Which is the most premium credit card in the world, you would like to get your hands on? American Express! An American express card itself is a statement of being premium and makes you stand out in the crowd. There are a lots of benefits associated with American express card. It is not the only one of the oldest card lending company but also the most premium card market has to offer. It’s really hard to get your hands at one of these.
So you must be thinking, if the card has such a premium feel to it and also has a lot of benefits, can it also boost my credit score in a short span of time?
The answer to this is unfortunately a NO. Though American Express is an exclusive brand in regards to credit cards the credit rating system remains the same. You cannot expect a premium treatment on the credit front if you hold your American express card and make all your payments on time.
First of all let us understand how a good credit score is built,
Make time to time payments
Every credit card comes with a payment deadline. You need to understand the terms of the card and make your payments on time. This will not only keep your mind at ease but also will help you boost your credit score. If you make your payments on time, you can see a boost of 35% on your score. Before you opt for any financial product, check when you can make all your payments to avoid late charges and additional interest on the balance.
Keep your card accounts open
If one day suddenly, you think of closing all your credit card accounts just because you are tired of it, think twice! Closing such accounts will not only affect your cibil score but will also hamper your score growth. Use your cards wisely and spend only what is necessary. This way you can restrict your limit.
Get rid of bad entries on your report
There are two possibilities here, your report can look bad because of your past late payments or else there could be an error made from the bureau’s end. If you find mistakes from bureau’s end, you can immediately report it to them to amend the mistakes and get your score up. But, on the other hand if your score is bad because of your past late payments, you can contact the lender and explain them why did that happen and you will not do it in the future. The lender making amendments on your report will be on the sole discretion of the lender.
Don’t hunt for new finance products at once
Do not get privileged if a credit card telesales you and offers you a card. It’s their job and they get incentives out of it. But on the other hand, if you give them permission to process your card there is a hard inquiry made on your report which stays on for at least 7 years. This will then result to multiple inquires on your report and your credit score will go for a toss.
Owning a premium card does not mean it will accelerate your cibil rating process. The method used by bureaus remains the same even if you have the basic credit card of all. Just stick to the basics, pay your dues from time to time and you will see a spike on your credit report.

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