Thursday, 7 December 2017

Should one go for Personal Loans without paper?

The world is fast moving to paperless options wherever possible, emails have replaced letters, digital statements have replaced the physical statements, e-books provide an alternative to paperbacks and so on; the list is long. Keeping in line with move towards a paperless world, financial institutions are now offering paperless personal loans. Here we give you a low down on what these loans are and if they are as good as a normal loan and do they offer any additional benefits?
Paperless Personal Loans Explained:
So as the name indicates instead of following the usual route of filling out a physical form and submitting documents physically, in this option the applicant takes the digital route to getting a personal loan sanctioned.  The applicant will visit the website of the financial institution offering the paperless loan and will fill out the online application form for the loan. The form like a physical form requires usual information on personal, employment and financial aspects.
Even though you are applying for a paperless loan, it does not mean that you do not have fulfill the eligibility criteria or submit the required documents. These documents are submitted in the digital form; based on the documents being in order and the applicant fulfilling the eligibility criteria the loan application is approved. However do keep in mind that apart from checking the eligibility and the documents the financial institution will also check the credit score of the applicant to assess the candidates risk profile. If required one may take some time to improve CIBIL score before actually applying for it the personal loan online.  
Paperless Personal Loans: Worth the Hype.
Any loan whether personal or any other, paperless or in the physical form should be taken only when a person truly requires it. Personal loans are often the most expensive loans and must be opted for after careful consideration.
While paperless personal loans have a few advantages, the applicant cannot ignore the basic aspects when opting for it. Applying for a paperless loan does not mean one can ignore the fine print; even though you may not have a physical loan agreement with you it is still available in the online form. Go through the loan agreement in detail to get a fair idea about various terms and conditions like what are the penalties for late payment, pre-payment (if at all), also understand about the various costs whether hidden or explicit before deciding to opt for the loan.
Often banks advertise about getting a loan within 24 hours or 48 hours; while it may sound promising especially if you need the amount urgently, don’t be tempted! Take your time and research before applying, compare various options available in the market based on interest rates, hidden cost and other features before choosing one. Some lenders may offer a personal loan without CIBIL score; however do not be fooled by promises. Check if the interest rates or other costs are higher or there is some other catch for loans that are offered despite the candidate having a low credit score. 
Having said that, paperless loans do offer some advantages over the option of applying for a loan through the normal way. This process is much faster and also more convenient. One is not required to visit the branch physically, so if you are stuck someplace else and your family or you need money you can do so without having to physically visit any bank or branch. One is not restricted by time also and can apply for a loan anytime, for doing so physically one has to visit a branch with the banking hours which might not be possible in a few cases. Another advantage which may come in handy at the time of need is the turnaround time; the processing for these loans is faster than for loans in the normal case. This feature could be of great help for a person who is in need.

So just like any other loan, a paperless personal loan should also be taken after careful analysis of one’s requirements, repayment capacity and alternatives to taking a personal loan. Researching and comparing various available options or going through the fine print cannot be ignored before opting for any loan! These loans do offer some advantages which make them convenient for the borrower. 

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