Monday, 3 August 2015

Credit Sudhaar reviews the credit situation in India

Credit Sudhaar, India’s first credit health management company had conducted a survey in 2013 on credit health awareness in India. The results showed that a large number of people were not aware of ‘credit bureaus’, let alone of their own ‘credit scores’. Credit score is a term every individual should be aware of, especially those who are going for any type of credit.Credit Sudhaar’s survey stated 85% of the respondents not being aware of ‘Credit Bureaus’ while a big 92% not knowing what a credit score is.

Their survey also found that 91% of the respondents didn’t know how non-payment of dues was having a negative effect on their credit score. By this survey Credit Sudhaar wanted to stress the importance on knowing your credit score as most people didn’t know that a bad credit score was being the cause of their loan/ credit card applications being rejected.

Being aware of your credit score also helps a person keep a track of the changes in their credit files. Being aware of the changes in your credit file can alert you of any suspicious activity in your account and save yourself from identity theft and other fraudulent activities.


  1. Nice Review by Credit Sudhaar! The credit situation in India is changing and soon with the help of companies like Credit Sudhaar, everyone would be aware of their credit score and importance of keeping a good credit score.

  2. Good informative article! People should know about their credit score as it is a very important aspect of their credit lives

  3. In your mail got password but how to chk my rating..

    1. Hi Yogesh,
      You could contact our customer service number to know more about 'how to check your rating'. Call us on : 6788 6788
      Credit Sudhaar

  4. In your mail got password but how to chk my rating..

  5. Good article! Credit Sudhaar reviewed my cibil report & helped me improve my credit score. It is very important to know about your credit health.

  6. Nice survey! I also became aware of credit score through Credit Sudhaar