Saturday, 28 February 2015

Understand your Credit History

Credit history is an individual’s or company’s records of his past borrowings, repayments, other payments and bankruptcy. It is basically all the past records of your credit life. Credit History plays a very important role in shaping up your credit score and that is why it is important to understand your credit history.

All the factors affecting the CIBIL score are somehow or the other related to your credit history.  Having a good mix of credit in your credit history forms 10% of your credit score.  You should’ve taken a good mix of unsecured and secured loans including home loans, auto loans, personal loans etc. to score higher in your credit report. Not only taking loans but servicing them in time also affects your credit score. You should have timely made payments as part of your credit history so as to get a good credit score.

 CIBIL score

The other factor which gets affected by your credit history is the length of your credit accounts.  The longer your credit history, the better your credit score. That is why it is recommended by most people not to close old credit card accounts which have been going on for a long time, as it brings down the average length of your credit history. 

But also be aware that defaulting on your payments and bankruptcy stays on your credit history for a long time too and negatively affects your credit score. Therefore, making timely repayments and servicing your debts responsibly for a long time is the way to a good credit history which in turn is the way to maintain a credit healthy life and a good credit score!

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