Thursday, 7 August 2014

Telecaller, Aide In Net For Credit Card Fraud

KOLKATA: Police have arrested a former telecaller, whose company handled customer services for a top private bank, in connection with a credit card fraud case on Monday.
The victim, Debapriya Mishra, works with a top IT firm at Salt Lake's Sector V. Police identified the prime accused as Anil Rajbhar and have arrested one of his neighbours, Sambhu Kumar Tanti, as an accomplice. The cyber crime cell of Bidhannagar Police commissionerate and Electronics Complex police station jointly carried out the arrests within 48 hours of receiving the complaint.
DC-detective department Kankan Prosad Barui said the victim had approached police on August 2. "He complained to have found the SIM card of his cellphone blocked on July 4. Eventually, he lost Rs 16,060 in 10 unauthorised transactions through his credit card. It was found that the entire money was spent on recharging other phones," said Barui.
Rajbhar's modus operandi reinforces the importance of keeping your credit card details secret.
Sources in the police said that Rajbhar was a former telecaller. "Rajbhar had called up the victim offering him a credit card from another private bank. In the process, he visited the residence of the victim and duped him into revealing the credit card number along with the CVV number (the three digit number on the back of the card) of another card that Mishra already had. About two months later, Rajbhar left his job," said an investigating officer.
After quitting, Rajbhar called up Mishra's cellphone service provider to say that his phone was lost and asked to block the number. He then impersonated Mishra and told the victim's bank that the credit card, whose details he had already collected, had been misplaced and asked for a replacement. Posing as Mishra, he also changed the cellphone number registered with the bank on the pretext that the phone was lost. Along with Tanti, Rajbhar then used Mishra's one-time verification number to withdraw money from his credit card account, say police.
Mishra did not receive any text message alert from the bank as his cellphone's SIM had already been blocked.
Police wonder why it took so long for Mishra to report the matter. "The victim told us that it took a long time for him to realize the extent of the crime," said an officer.
Although fraudulent transactions in India have shrunk drastically with the introduction of 3D security, there is still a problem with international transactions. In India, you need the cardholder's name, card expiry date, CVV number and online banking password or one-time password to do any online transaction. There is, however, hope for victims. Banking sources said that where it was established that the consumer was not at fault, they don't have to bear the brunt of the loss.

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Courtesy: Times of India

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