Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Small-town India Turns Out To Be Hub Of Cybercrime

NEW DELHI: Cyber offences may appear to be an urban phenomenon, but in an indication of how deeply internet has penetrated the country, government data show a majority of hacking and obscene posts on the internet having been reported from rural areas and small towns.
According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data for 2013, the year saw a jump of 122.5% in cyber offences over 2012. But most interestingly, hacking formed close to 60% of all cyber offences (under IT Act) in India followed closely by obscene or derogatory posts (28%).
Of these, 45% of all hacking cases were reported from the 88 cities covered. Rest all came from small towns or rural areas. Even in the case of obscene/derogatory posts rural areas and small towns reported 60% of cases. Of the 2516 cases of hacking, 1382 were reported from small towns and rural areas. Similarly, of 1203 obscene/derogatory posts on social media and other websites, only 483 were reported from cities.
Sexual harassment and economic fraud have turned out to be prime motives behind over 40% of all cyber offences. While, most hacking cases are reported from Karnataka (429) followed by Andhra Pradesh (346), most obscenity cases are reported from Andhra Pradesh (234) and Kerala (177).
Curiously, Mumbai has reported no hacking cases and only one obscenity case, even as Maharashtra tops the chart of offences in which sexual harassment is the motive.
The latest data on cyber offences released by NCRB show that a total of 5,693 offences were registered across the country in 2013 notching a rise of 122.5% over 2012. Almost 76% (4,356) of these were registered under the Information Technology (IT) Act that deals with hacking and obscene/derogatory posts.
In hacking cases, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan were other three states in top five. Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Assam are other three states with over 100 cases making to top five in obscenity cases.
In a reflection of how virtual medium is rampantly used to harass women, the data show 20% (1116) of all cyber offences as having sexual harassment as the motive. The motive of 'fraud/illegal gains' is behind 21% of all cases.
Maharashtra has got the dubious distinction of being the state with maximum sexual harassment motive cases (233), followed by Andhra Pradesh with 225 cases under the category.

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Courtesy: Times of India

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