Monday, 21 July 2014

Cybercrimes Alone Cost India Rs 24,630 Crore In 2013

Cybercrime cost India about Rs 24,630 crores ($4 billion) in 2013, according to a report commissioned by the Delhi high court and submitted by Surinder S. Rathi, additional district judge and OSD to Delhi Legal Service Authority (DLSA).
The report, however, gave no further details about how it had computed the cost of cybercrime.
The report was commissioned in pursuance of a direction by the high court that a comprehensive study must be conducted on various issues, including the cost incurred in running the criminal justice system.
The bench of Justices Gita Mittal and J.R. Midha, which is yet to pronounce the quantum of sentence to three convicts, including Vikas Yadav, in the 2002 Nitish Katara murder case, had also asked the DLSA to compute the cost incurred in the trial of this case, besides determining the compensation paying capacity of the convicts.
In India, no empirical study has been conducted as to how much does a criminal case cost the exchequer and the taxpayers right from registration of the FIR to its logical conclusion post the trial in sentencing, the report said.
It said that despite India having 12,700-odd police stations and 15.70 lakh policemen manning them, incidents of crime have been spiralling uncontrollably.
“A lot is being done in this regard by all the stakeholders, but unfortunately owing to lack of scientific methodology and concerted efforts of all concern not much headway could be achieved,” the report said. It also said that the police, the first ring of criminal justice system, was in an almost pitiable state nationwide.
“Neither it (police) has the requisite manpower to deliver nor the technical expertise nor the infrastructure to contain crimes. To make things worse malice of corruption is eating into its vitals,” the report said.
It said the judiciary, the second ring of criminal justice system, was also not “far behind in fulfilling its constitutional obligations and meeting the expectations of its citizen of delivery of timely justice.”
“Courts are inundated with lakhs of cases pending trial. Such is the snail pace of trials that influx of cases at any point of time is outdoing the disposal. All this is resulting in piling up of cases in courts,” the report said.
The report also added that the ancillary support system, like jails, juvenile, justice boards, child welfare committees and forensic labs, all need to be brought out of slumber and urgently to save this system from crumbling.
On the cost of criminal justice system, the report said that measuring the cost of criminal justice is not easy, yet it is essential to the proper appraisal of any criminal justice system policy. “There is a urgent need to develop a comprehensive methodology for calculating the cost incurred by society on account of various criminal offences,” it said.
In its chapter on “Cost of Criminal Justice System,” the report, quoting the National Crime Records Bureau data, said that in 2013, as many as 66.40 lakh criminal complaints were received by the police stations across the nation. It said that in Delhi alone, a total of 86,800 criminal complaints were received at its 175-odd police stations apart from about 89 lakh distress calls received by it in 2013.
“Although better part of the world has awaken to the exorbitant financial cost of running the criminal justice system, but our country is yet to take its first step in the right direction. Owing to mindless and unscientific planning all the wings of criminal justice system are highly chaotic in their functioning and are immensely overburdened,” the report said.

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