Thursday, 10 July 2014

Credit Card Fraud: Prompt FIR Helps Recover Loss

LUCKNOW: Hundreds of debit/credit card users in the city are being targeted by internet fraudsters every month while only a handful of lucky ones have got their lost money back. Apart from support of law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and private merchants involved in pocketing the money unknowingly, credit also goes to the alertness of such victims.
Almost 75% of those who were lucky had reported the matter to cops within 18 hours of the fraud and cared to alert the banks the same day. "There is a strong chance of recovery if we get an alert within four to six hours of fraud, particularly on weekdays," shares S C Malviya, in charge of cyber cell, inspector. This way, at least 20 persons have been helped by the cell this year.
The officer says if bank authorities are alerted in time before bank forwards payment to the merchant, a dispute is raised and money is held back by the bank. The team working at Hazratganj-based cyber cell coordinates further and sends out details of the fraud to reassure the victim. "We have to approach the merchant directly on occasions when bank gives authorization and transaction stands complete," says Firoz Badr from the cell.
But in majority of the cases the cell has not been able to do much. The merchants ask cyber cell to produce court orders to claim the disputed amount back which becomes a tedious process and is rarely pursued in case amount pocketed is trivial compared to the legal struggle.

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Courtesy: Times of India

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